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, atlanta, san francisco. so long story short, of course, it's the same guy. i have the same guy linked up to jessie's murder because his dna is on the backpack. i'm trying to fit out how his dna got on the backpack. his dna is on her backpack, and i understand there's dna at the crime scene where her body is found hacked to pieces. i have dna linking him to the jogger, and a physical description linking him to a little girl. what about it, victoria taft? >> you know, nancy, one of the things that is arising here where i am in a case is the small stuff matters. and in this case in colorado you had attack after attack after attack. maybe they didn't seem quite as serious, but everything counts. now the police have to go back over all of the crimes which were committed in this area, nancy, that you rightly point out has been the scene of so many different sort of odd coincidences. attempted abductions, attempted attacks. they're going through clear back to 2011. nancy, you're right. it's probably the same guy. we have a predator, and he's loose. one set of parents were moved out of the neigh
the lawyers. joining me, paul henderson, veteran prosecutor, san francisco, daryl cohen, defense attorney, atlanta. joining us, veteran defense attorney in multiple jurisdictions from atlanta, renee rockwell. renee, a lot of people would jump on the teenage boys. they had her bike in the basement or the garage. we know she was last seen on the bike, but i'm not totally convinced on that. and i'll tell you why. if they swipe bikes, they could easily have just swiped her bike after she was abducted from her bike. >> from the killer, swiping the bike from the killer. but imagine this, nancy, everybody is a suspect, nobody is a suspect. these officers are going to talk to everybody that will talk to them and then they'll circle back around and see if anybody's stories are changing. they're looking in the house, the body is outside, bike inside, dna everywhere. no stone unturned. >> i am very intrigued by not only -- i mean, you can't ignore the bike found in their garage, okay, the girl disappears on a bike, the bike is in their garage, it is in the neighborhood. the body is essentially in th
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)